Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thoughts about the upcoming tournament.

I haven't decided whether or not I'm in the mix this week, though after last week's fall-down-go-boom I'm finding myself eager to see our Friday night events get back on their feet.

According to plans, the real action takes place at the beginning of the card this week, and on the two weeks that follow, with the now-open lightweight championship up for grabs in tournament action. Rather than try to do it all in one night (which would probably take us into the wee hours of the morning just on the US East Coast, never mind the toll it would take on European fighters and staff), the preliminary matches are being held this week. The winners there go on to next week's semi-finals, and then the following week the championship will be awarded with the final match as our main event.

I like this approach because of its egalitarianism. Any lightweight with a track record who wants in is in, no questions asked, if they want to be. Almost any lightweight in the ring on Friday could be the next champion.

It's an approach that has merit, and has the potential for making Fridays genuine "tournament nights" again if regularly applied. Maybe we could do it for the middleweights next month, with the winner getting a shot at Manfred's title?

UPDATE and IMPORTANT NOTE: Nothing like a middleweight tournament is being planned. As I've stated before, I am not the official voice of Averlast, and have little pull over such things in the organization. Treat anything you read here as my opinion only, and not an indicator of what's in store for the future. There is only one person who can speak officially for Averlast's plans, and that's Karine, the owner.


Jihan said...

Im excited about the upcoming LW title tournament. We have a lot of great LW's fighting, so it should be very exciting. I also like your idea of the MW's having a tournament to see who gets to fight Manfred for his title. That would be pretty cool.

Manfred said...

yup yup ;;;

as a coach i only see some people, not all, so choosing someone to fight (or two) for the title is just a point of view ...
holding a tournament that will decide who gets a chance seems a fair way

and i'm also cool with the idea that the same would be inline for a shot at the MW title
(trust me i'm not going to give it away ... even do the belt is like christ had his cross :-)...)

in a way i'm glad the sportmenship is back ... some great new people both in sparring and in behaviour have showed up ...

on a humor-note : so is this the part were boxing became democracy LOL