Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Friday Night Tournament: What Friday Night Tournament?

Sometimes I question the wisdom of having our events on Friday night. My completely unsupported (and possibly libelous) hypothesis is as follows: Upon reaching the weekend, Linden Labs parties like it's 1999. Inevitably, somebody spills a beer upon some piece of vital equipment, and virtual mayhem ensues.

This past Friday, it was the asset server that filled the air with the smell of electrified Meister Brau, leaving SLers unable to access their inventories while repairs were made.

For Averlast, that meant that boxers couldn't get their gloves on. Announcers couldn't read the fight cards, or attach their microphones that converted everything they typed in from "say" to "shout". Animations, gestures, anything that had to be accessed from the inventory was completely shut down. And forget about buying anything, of course.

Teleport was spotty, and while LL was fixing the problem, there were no new logons allowed. So after reading all of this, I'm pretty sure that it won't kill the reader with shock that the event was cancelled for the week. Really, after the Lindens had taken away all of our toys, what else could we do?

The part that really annoys me is that I was on time to the event for a change. Hell, I was a little early. I was bound and determined to make up for the prior week's extreme lateness, and had even volunteered to fill in as announcer.

Ah, well. There's always next time.

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Jihan said...

Yep, last friday was a sucky day lol. Leave it to Linden to completely mess stuff up.