Thursday, April 3, 2008

All that stuff I said yesterday? Forget it.

Or at least, put it on hold, the way the LW championship tournament is for now.

The problem, once again, is an unexpected bug that's just popped up in SL. Karine has all of the details here (go vote for it if you want to give the Lindens a heads-up to get it fixed). In a nutshell, the camera suddenly goes screwy when you get close to an av or an object (problematic when boxing inside a ring, obviously). And inworld physics is somehow messed up, so that fighters can't "save" themselves from a ring-out when given a good hit with the push gloves.

So for the time being the title is not in contention, and under these circumstances the results of any official fights would be tainted by the presence of these bugs.

But still, we'd like to see the show go on. Karine is offering extra money to pay the fighters on Fridays until this bug gets fixed, and results won't be part of the permanent record. Basically, this week is a "gimme" to anyone who participates.

We're still committed to putting on the LW tournament, once SL is "fighting fit" again. But in the meantime, why not just do it for fun?

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