Friday, January 23, 2009

Somebody stop Jose Canseco before he kills himself. [UPDATED]

Seriously, nothing good can come of his continued insistence on stepping into the ring.

After falling in the first round to local Philly sportscaster (and former Philadelphia Eagle) Vai Sikahema, Canseco should have read the writing on the wall and pursued other options besides boxing.

But no. Whether due to an irresistable payday, a lack of alternatives, or the prodding of personal demons, Canseco is lacing up the gloves again. This time his opponent is former child star/physical fitness fanatic/human powder keg Danny Bonaduce.

OK, aside from the fact that this "celebrity boxing" crap is a bad idea for the image of the sport in general, it's a doubly bad idea for Canseco to get in the ring with Bonaduce. Because in the world of celebrity boxing, Bonaduce is, if not its Mike Tyson, then at least its Larry Holmes. Bonaduce sports a 12-0 record in the ring. Canseco went down like a poleaxed tree in the first round of his only fight.

But it is true that even with losses come experience. What was Canseco's takeaway from the Sikahema fight, the lesson he learned that carries him to the next bout?

(from today's Philly Metro:)
Q: You were knocked out by Vai Sikahema your last time in the ring... anything to prove?

A: No, I took that lightly. I didn't work out, I didn't spar. I didn't even train for that one. But he caught me with a good one.

Yes, that will happen when you... don't... train. For a boxing match.

OK, thinking about this is making my head hurt. I'll leave Canseco to his ritual suicide.

UPDATE: I guess I have to say a few mea culpas, because Canseco managed to fight Bonaduce to a draw. Still, from the coverage it sounded like a pretty disappointing match (three one-minute rounds? Seriously?).

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