Thursday, January 15, 2009


Patience will be rewarded tonight as Smallville finally throws out some new episodes. The day may be coming soon where I'll be unable to make that statement.

And perhaps it should.

After all, as Clark Kent and company continue to move forward, the DC Universe is rapidly expanding around them. More and more faces familiar to comic fans are popping up as guest stars and even semi-regulars. It's getting to the point where it looks like Superman is in grave danger of being well behind the curve if he doesn't make his debut soon, rather than being the inspiration for a generation of capes as current continuity depicts him.

Plus, at this point, the whole thing with Clark not knowing how to fly just makes him look like a slacker. I mean, he's figured out everything else but that. He can't seem to conceive that now that he's living in the Big City, getting topside of those skyscrapers in a hurry might be a good thing to work on.

Tonight another piece falls into place with the arrival of the Legion of Super Heroes (quick aside: Given how the cast is already in danger of becoming overloaded, do the producers really want to open that particular can of worms?), along with one of their enemies, The Persuader (dare I hope that the rest of The Fatal Five are waiting in the wings?), all from the 31st Century.

Hopefully they'll be able to give a little perspective from future days that'll get Clark off of his super-duff.

Of course, once that finally happens, I'm fairly confident that that's it for Smallville. The show's premise, after all, is that it's the days before Clark Kent becomes Superman. Once Big Blue is in full view, you're not doing Smallville anymore. You're doing The Adventures of Superman.

But either way, it's high time for this transformation to begin once and for all. If not, we're going to just have a show where Clark enters his 40's in deep denial amidst a DC Universe without its central, defining figure.


spocko said...

I was watching the last couple of episodes and Lois Lane calls him "Smallville" so there is that.

I was rather disappointed with the last two episodes. It felt the the writing had really gone down hill.
I'm not buying Cloe - Jimmy oh well.

Oh, thanks for the correction on my blog post re; Givens and Quivers. I fixed it.

Abel Undercity said...

I'll agree that I wouldn't call the recent offerings shining moments in television writing, but I'm a fan, and ya gotta roll with those punches.

And in the comics, Lois has been calling Clark "Smallville" since about 1986, off and on.

spocko said...

Oh, I'm a fan too. I didn't know about Lois calling Clark "Smallville" I'm more of a TV movie kind of fan.

I actually when and checked to see who had written the recent episodes because it seemed like the characters were "out of character" (if you know what I mean) and I thought maybe a new writing team had come in or something.