Thursday, May 8, 2008

So much to do...

By my count, I have five separate projects at various stages of development for items to sell in the store. There's always a sign or poster that needs doing now if not sooner (and don't I still owe Karine a couple from the last batch?). There's a guy I need to train and ideas I want to pitch, and stuff I can't even talk about yet for fear of spoiling the surprise.

And then, like last night, I sometimes play hooky from all of this, rez a pair of gloves on my hands, and step into the ring with an able an enthusiastic sparring partner. It reminds me why I do this: Because I love it. I love the challenge of trying to outmaneuver a worthy opponent. I love the competition. I love the amazing people whom I've met through Averlast.

Who knows what the future might bring us, but for now I'm having the time of my (second) life.

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