Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More fashion news.

Cerrie Janus found herself a boxing-styled outfit and began looking for a place to do a photo shoot for her blog. Naturally, she came to us.

Okay, maybe it wasn't as fait accompli as I make it sound, but Averlast was where she ended up, and Randur and I did our best to make her feel welcome. Which was easy to do, given that Cerrie was a gracious guest and more than welcome to come back anytime.


Cerrie Janus said...

Hiya Abel! Thanks for the comment. Would you do me a favor and pass the link on to Sand if you see him. He was nice and since I mentioned him by name, well you get where I am headed. Great sight and love your music! Thanks again and I will try and make it to the gym again soon.

Abel Undercity said...

Will do, Cerrie! See you again soon, I hope!

Sand Scarpulla said...

Lol thnx cerrie it was a pleasure (and thanx for including me in your blog hehe now I'm famous :p)

By the By Abel I like your blogs keep up the good work buddy :)