Sunday, February 3, 2008

There's some kind of game today, right?

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Allison Tobias and I prepare to have a frank discussion about the merits of one team over the other. Those expecting Dorothy Parker-like zingers and witty bon mots are strongly advised to take note of the boxing gloves.

Mind you, I'm no fan of the Patriots. It just sticks in my craw that the Giants are in the Super Bowl while we here in Philly got to watch the Eagles implode again.

So really, it's down to two teams I strongly dislike, and I've decided that I dislike the Pats less than the Giants. It's a Philadelphia thing.

UPDATE: Now that the Giants have won the Super Bowl (there, I said it), I'm anticipating my inbox filling up with razzing from their boosters (or the people who took the other side of my dilemma and decided to hate the Patriots more). To you all, I say this: The Giants still suck. My certitude of their suckiness is metaphysical in nature, and cannot be disproven.

On the bright side, I had no money on the game.


Allison Tobias said...

What a fabulous morning.

I don't think I could be happier, it's an Indianapolis thing.

Manfred Pessoa said...

you americans decide is it going to be rugby or soccer (the real footbal btw ...

its a european thing !!!