Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Random Blogitations

  • Allison and I had a "rematch" sparring session last night. She was remarkably restrained when referring to the Giants' win on Sunday. When it came to knocking me out of the ring (one time literally bumping me off of the very high ceiling of the gym), she was not so restrained.
  • I want this. I have been bugging the only person I know with a cd burner, asking if he would ple-he-he-he-hease burn this baby for me. Yes, I need to get my own. I know this. But right now the focus is on getting my own little private sim-Idaho where I can preview the stuff I'm making without having to shell out X amount of lindens on downloads, just to see what the damn thing looks like in 3-D to determine further tweaks. Add to that the intriguing possibilities of a self-contained test environment for scripting and animations, free of griefers and mass teleports by over-ambitious club owners, and I veritably drool with eagerness. (note: The private place in question will not, in fact, resemble Idaho)
  • If I want to move on to my next project so badly, why do I keep coming up with designs in support of my current one?
  • Links I will never click on: The SL Herald promises a debate between Communists and Objectivists. Collectivist pipe-dreamer wackjobs vs. individualist pipe-dreamer wackjobs. Where's a pack of crash-happy griefers when you need them?

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