Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Initial thoughts on a big change

Through the miracle of IMs being forwarded to email, I got the announcement that match format is to be changed as follows:

Lightweight= 3 falls, 3 rounds

Middleweight= 3 falls, 4 rounds

Heavyweight= 3 falls, 5 rounds

That's three - count 'em - three ring-outs for a KO, no matter what or who you are. Needless to say, this changes things considerably. Consider the likely results:

Shorter Matches: Especially in the lightweight class, where the hammer-and-tongs approach is very much the way of things. We'll be seeing a lot in the way of first-round knockouts and, by extension, shorter events.

Development of technique: With the new rules, obviously just wading into the fray, fists flying, won't cut it anymore. Not that it was ever a great strategy to begin with, but now it would be over much quicker (see above). What to do? Train, and not in vain. Work on that footwork. Get serious about that timing and that defense. Get to the gym and stick and move.

Drama: I'll bet good money that we're going to see the sports-movie ending to a few matches in the future. Y'know, where the underdog, behind on points, suddenly comes up with a big comeback KO. Tell me that ain't something to look forward to.

In short, I'm reading the announcement and thinking this: The game just leveled up. You feel up to it?

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