Monday, February 16, 2009

Guitar Goddess

Whenever I visit my friends Ghoti and Leena there's not usually a lot of talking. The pair of them have a little island paradise to share, and often it's just easier to sit and listen to the crashing waves roll in. Conversation isn't unwelcome - far from it - but oftentimes it just seems unnecessary. It's a very chill vibe, like how you'd imagine the atmosphere in a genuine island hideaway in the tropics.

But Leena and Ghoti also like to throw out the occasional URL, some prize from the internet worth sharing with others. Like a good guest, I try to offer one or two myself, but seldom can I match the gems they offer.

Case in point: Kaki King. I swear I'd never heard of her before Saturday night, when Ghoti directed me to this YouTube video, but now I'm an unabashed fan.

I have to link, because the video can't be embedded the way the other ones I post on this blog are. But do try to tear yourself away from my masterful prose (ha) and get an earful of this talented woman.

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