Friday, March 20, 2009

Speaking of female boxers...

This June, barring some unforeseen calamity, will see me at Wizard World Philadelphia. I went two years ago, and generally had a good time. The highlight at that time was meeting Evil, inc. creator and local-boy-done-good Brad Guigar, snagging a book and a sketch of Harley Quinn off of him for a modest fee.

This year, in addition to another planned meet with Mr. Guigar, I have another stop on my list: WBC lightweight boxer [UPDATE]and current International Champion Mia St. John will be appearing in Autograph Alley.

Those of you who don't frequent the convention scene might be scratching your head at the idea of a boxer at a comic con. Well, it's Autograph Alley, where minor celebrities look to make some coin on the sale of autographs and memorabilia. Last time I was there, I saw Lou ("The Incredible Hulk") Ferrigno, Dirk Benedict from the original Battlestar Galactica, and the Ghost Hunters from TAPS.

Come to think of it, looking at this year's guest list, I might stop for Jerry "The King" Lawler's autograph, too, if I can afford it.

But anyway, back to Ms. St. John. Right now she's ranked at #5 among female lightweights (scroll down). We have a couple of action and glamor shots of her hanging in the gym, so a new one would be a definite "get" for us.

Now if only I can think of a way to explain out loud how I work for a virtual boxing gym to a real boxer without sounding like an utter nerd. On the other hand, I am an utter nerd, and thus not an entirely unexpected entity at a comic convention. So I'll just work on not stuttering.

In the meantime, speaking of action shots, here's Mia St. John scoring a TKO win over Kelly Downey:

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