Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just say "D'oh!"

So it's crunch time here at the gym. I have a bunch of posters and matching t-shirts to make, along with a number of pictures for the vendors. Since my workplace would take an understandingly dim view of my completing these projects while on the clock, that means I have to grab whatever off-hours time I can to do them.

As anyone knows, when you rush like that it can lead to mistakes. Take, for instance, my poster for this Friday's title fight. Zak Renfort had been kind enough to get me some lovely photos of champion Aldbaran Galicia and his challenger, karynn Windlow. I cobbled together a kitschy '70's disco theme, and that was that. Across the top a banner proudly proclaimed the upcoming lightweight championship fight.

I'm embarrassed to say that it didn't hit me until this morning in the shower: Aldbaran and karynn are middleweights.

Can you say "oops"? Sure you can. I know I did. Actually it was more of a facepalm.

So my morning forty-five minutes on the computer was spent fixing the poster and cobbling together the matching t-shirt. I have to remember to, I don't know, take a deep breath and think before getting to work on these things.


Aldbaran Galicia said...

D'Oh alright :P

I like the poster...even if i look like the image i have from Sherlock Holmes rival, Professor Moriarty...yes ...i look like an evil genius...

Abel Undercity said...

Haha, you do look pretty diabolical in it, Ald. Karynn's smile looks like she's got something up her sleeve, and overall I think it worked pretty well. I guess I'll have to post it now so my other three readers know just what we're talking about.