Friday, October 17, 2008

Not "Shiny". Not "Happy". Barely "People".

The following post contains rambling. A lot of it.

Bleh. I love my job, but it would be so much easier of I could just fall over asleep when I get home after working nights. Especially since it's inevitably followed by an early morning wake-up, but I just can't do it. I can't wind down that quickly once I walk through the door. So I pay the price the next day.

Once again, bleh.

Well, this weekend is my long one, so in addition to getting some more rest, I might actually be able to get something done. I've been grabbing my computer time in snatches all week, an hour here and there, and it shows. Hardly a thing got done by me that needs doing. Of course, delving into specifics might give away some trade secrets, so take my word for it: My ass is busy.

So in addition to all of the useful, business-related and people-I-genuinely-want-to-hear-from-related IMs that got forwarded to my email, I also got two bits of IM spam that I'd like to share. File this under: "He don't know me very well, do he?"

The first was an invitation to "The Erotica Expo". Gee, just what I need my wife seeing. I mean, it's not like my profile leads off with a message saying that I'm not interested in SL sex or romance. Oh, wait. Actually, it does...

The other one was a group invite from "The Christian Church of Second Life". I don't know what led this person to believe that I was a Christian, but there it is. And then I started wondering if he/she was working on the same list of names as The Erotica Expo.

OK, now that I've got my grumpy, middle-aged man cred established, I might as well get to the doings at Averlast this weekend as a reward for those who've gotten this far.

Tonight, we're putting two titles on the line, as JayT Axel and Calvinizm2g Quan duke it out to claim the currently-vacant Middleweight Championship. Also, we're featuring a six-person brawl with the winner of that going on to fight Gage Koba for his Lightweight Championship that same night. The fist-ivities start at 5:30 PM SLT, so don't be late.

Also, on Sunday, we're putting on a display at the Rivet Town Inventor's Expo. Rivet Town is a Victorian steampunk sim done up in glorious multilevel detail. Since the Victorian Era was one of boxing's heydays, it seemed like a natural fit. We'll be set up in the factory yard by Rivet Town's Steamworks Metal Factory, selling gloves, giving lessons, and putting on some exhibition matches. It should be fun.

I'll try to be better rested by the time I get there, haha.

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