Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Goin' down to Rivet Town...

As I mentioned earlier, Averlast set up an exhibition at the Rivet Town Inventors' Expo, and I have to say that it looks like it was a hit. We had two exhibition matches that drew good crowds, and Expo organizer Harper Weezles seemed enthusiastic enough about it to discuss the possibility of Rivet Town starting its own athletic club, of which boxing would be a part. Very Victorian. And that's something I never in my life expected to say approvingly.

I had hoped that more people would be interested in buying a pair of Averlast gloves and giving it a try right then and there, but that didn't happen. Though a lot of people had questions that we were happy to answer. Also, I had built a quick landmark giver using a magazine illustration from the era (thank you, Library of Congress digital collection) that, in addition to the landmarks for the gym, the store, and our FAQ notecard, also gave out a brief summary of boxing in the Victorian period. That summary ended up in the local "paper", The Rivet Town Herald. I'm rather inordinately proud of that.

Harper and the land's owner, Grace Loudon, were both very supportive of our efforts there. I'd certainly like to do another show at Rivet Town, and soon.

P.S.: No photos of the event from me (I was busy), but I did hear some cameras go off during the fights. Hopefully someone will post something to their blog or Flickr account that I can share with y'all. I'm keeping my eyes peeled.

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Bamika Easterman said...

My master and I were both so busy with organization and participation in the Rivet Town Inventor's Expo last weekend that neither of us had the chance to record and document it properly. We are therefore profoundly grateful to you for your article.