Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Entering my "terrible twos"

Yes, on this day, two years ago, I was cruising through the blog of writer/futurist/mad bastard Warren Ellis and read about this "Second Life" thing. On an impulse (because, hey, it was free to sign up and I never had to come back if I didn't like it), I joined and, for reasons still unknowable to me, chose the handle "Abel Undercity". After an experimental leap through a Stargate, I fell into the care of a lovely neko couple on their private island. Eventually one of them suggested that I start constructing lightsaber handles to make a few lindens. I did, and they sold pretty well. I also put out a few t-shirts in my little shop and tended bar in a Goth bar that was built to look like a ruined church to make ends meet.

Then one day, wearing one of my t-shirts, a boredom-inspired search landed me in this boxing gym, and while chatting with the owner she hits me with a business proposition...

So anyway, today is my rezday. Let there be happy. Or at least mild amusement.

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