Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A bit hard to believe, but true.

Averlast has a better scoring system for boxing than the Olympics.

Let me recap what we do, first. A tap that produces a knockback is one point. One that takes an opponent over the ropes but not out of the ring is two points. And one that knocks the other fighter out of the ring entirely is three points (and is one tick toward a KO win). OK, got that?

Now check this out from a article about the lousy scoring system in amateur boxing:

Scoring in amateur boxing is about as absurd a thing as you're likely to see in elite sports. There are five judges at ringside with computers, and they're supposed to press a button when they see a legal punch land. If three of the five press their button within a second of each other, the fighter gets one point.

That's it. Counting punches. A knock-your-block-off blow is worth the same as a love tap, even if it knocks the guy down, though he can still be counted out, which happens about once a century since the best amateur boxers pitty-pat away in an effort to score points.

I mean, damn. At least we make allowances for how hard someone gets hit.

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