Monday, July 28, 2008

Saturday night's all right for fightin'

I know. An Elton John reference. Great is my shame.

But this past Saturday night saw six of our best boxers get into the ring and slug it out on Sugarhill Island, as guests of Bonnie and Clyde Entertainment/Queen Media. It was a night of rockin' beats and sockin' boxers.

Aldbaran Galicia, one of our new lightweights, kindly took photos of the evening's events. Here's the action as it unfolded:

Setting up the ring and stands. Check out the awesome backstage area that Silas Gabardini (aka DJ Clyde) made for us.

Sometime boxer and full-time hottie Stacey Kanto wasn't involved in the night's action, but who am I to pass up this great shot of her? OK, my mistake. This isn't Stacey but actually another familiar face from around the gym, ITZEL Carter. She was also not involved with the night's action, but when she's looking this good who cares?

"I gotta sit next to this guy again?"

The lovely Fionna Bracken makes her rounds as Juliette Pashinin stands by.

JoJo863 Nightfire is ready to scrap in her last appearance as a lightweight.

Juliette cuts an imposing figure as she waits for the bell.

JoJo vs. Juliette, as DJ Clyde hovers in the background, calling the action.

JayT Axel mugs for the camera...

... while snake5608 Boa gets ready to mug JayT. ;-)

"Whoa. Did you see that bikini that Fionna's wearing?"

The always-impressive Jihan McCallen stands ready.

As does Conan Horan, whose future is so bright, he's gotta wear shades.

Conan vs. Jihan in heavyweight action.

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Ricardo said...

Whispers to Abel: "That isn't Stacey on the second .....I think it's ITZEL, but i cant be sure.........oooops"