Thursday, July 17, 2008

Friday Night Tournament: Almost didn't make it.

I have a DSL connection. It serves me well, for the most part, and seems about on par with my older computer's capabilities (though I'm looking into some of the alternative SL viewers for Linux to see if they offer a performance boost - but that's another post).

I should say it served me well, up until a point. For the past two weeks or so, the service had become increasingly erratic. It went out for most of the day, but then came back on at night, usually in time for me to perform my duties at Averlast. But as time went on, the periods of outage were growing noticeably longer.

Until finally, at 4:30 PM SLT, I was entirely unable to log on for the monthly tournament.

So instead of calling the evening's matches, I was calling Verizon tech support. Not exactly the evening I'd had in mind.

Still, even though Verizon couldn't do anything immediate, the connection managed to clear up enough for me to catch the last two fights, including snake Boa's capture of the Middleweight Title. Snake was Lightweight Champion once, and now he's gained the next level's title. When he moves up to heavyweight (and I'm sure he will), he'd be in a position to have held every title in the promotion, an Averlast Grand Champion, if you will. It's an intriguing thought.

A lot more happened, of course, but unfortunately I missed most of it. It was great to see one of our "old-school" heavyweights ("old-school" for Averlast meaning "was here last year") back in action in the form of Alexandre Renegade. I've noticed a few old friends popping up every now and then. It seems now to be just a question of luring them back into the ring.

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