Friday, October 12, 2007

Going on now.

This is the last post on this subject, but I hate this. I hate not knowing what's going on. Hell, I barely even know who's fighting tonight.

I hate this.

I hope I can get that new card next week, because I don't know how much more of being out of the loop I can stand. Certainly not another week.

Funny, how a few months ago I didn't even know about Averlast or any of the people in it. Now it's like I'm missing a piece of me for not being there.


Buffy Soderstrom said...

Awww.. that sucks. Well, you didn't miss the big fight between Santana and Derrick.. Santana didn't show. So Karine went against Hakama instead and won by way of KO.. and I went up against Vox and won by way of KO. lol! He really got his ass kicked. Karine signed me up, even though I wasn't going to do it.. glad I did. Cos I won!! Woot! If I get the results from all the fights I shall post them here for you.

buffy soderstrom said...

Oh and I'm unable to load the forum page for some reason..

Abel Undercity said...

LOL Thanks, Buffy. And congrats on your first KO! (Hey, I haven't KOed anybody yet...)

Karine forwarded me the results, which are up on the forum, along with updated records and the related errata.

And yes, the forums should be working now (must have been a problem on their end...).

buffy soderstrom said...

Oooh I finally got it to load and fab stuff. Internet being painfully slow with me today and the forum is being even more slow; hence my reply here.

Look forward to reading your next blog post and thank you so much for the congrats! I can't believe how nervous I was and for nothing.. round one I really thought I was in trouble when I was out twice.. then I thought in round two "I'm not letting that happen again!" and I didn't. rofl

Poor Vox.. LOL. All I can say is.. that'll teach him not to come in and train. Mwhahahaha.

Hot "Humid" Rockin said...

Buffy quote:

then I thought in round two "I'm not letting that happen again!" and I didn't. rofl

Hot speaks:

Exactly! Too many people get negative or just start giving up if they get a beat down-- if you want to be successful in abouts anything then thats the wrong way to go about it. Like the sayin goes: DON'T GET MAD, GET EVEN.

I'm glad you went along with your gettin signed up, and did fight- like I'd said, every single time you get in the ring for a crowd, it's good for ya- win or lose.

Of course winning is a lot more satisfying. ;D

P.S. Abel, starting to feel pressure from having the best w/l ratio AND being undefeated? heheh

Abel Undercity said...

It's like a big ol' bullseye on my forehead, Hot. So what do I do? I ask for a title shot to get that bullseye up to regulation archery-target size. :P