Thursday, October 11, 2007

Filling the empty spaces.

No pre-tourney jitters for me this week. A burned-out video card saw to that.

While it's certainly one way to keep an unbeaten streak going, an unexpected absence from the ring was not how I'd planned to spend my week.

I'm still trying to keep a hand in, though. After a little fiddling with my xorg.conf file, I was able to get into my computer again, and started working on some trunks designs I had in mind (and also were independently suggested by Derrick Cult). I threw a few together and sent them off to Karine for her thoughts. I haven't heard back yet, but, unlike me, Karine has a ton of things to do the day before a tournament.

Then there's also the official Averlast boards, which I help with. As moderating jobs go, I've had worse. But it could do with a few more people joining into the conversation. If you haven't registered yet, why don'tcha give it a shot? And if you are registered but haven't had much to say, please speak up! Just ignore the rotating knives and the hungry gleam in Allison's eyes. You'll be fine.

What, the screaming? Oh, that's just a tape loop for ambience. Really.


Karine Koba said...

oops your link direct us to this url:

Karine Koba shouts: Hi Abel!!!!!!!!

Abel Undercity said...

To use a word that is frequently flying from my fingertips in the gym: D'oh! >_<