Monday, September 24, 2007

Friday Tournament: Be Careful What You Wish For

Well, I said in my last post that I wanted no easy wins, and it's true. But daaaamn, it was a close one this week!

Actually, there were a couple of things unusual about this last tournament, and I don't mean the big preliminary "battle royal" style warm up. No, the real action started once the lightweight tournament got underway... and the first fight, between newcomers Rickyy Smit and snake5608 Boa, went to a draw. The first one at an Averlast tournament. So both men advanced in the tournament, also inadvertently making it a two-tier event.

jesica took on Rickyy in the next bout and acquitted herself well. Rickyy was on that night, though, and probably warmed up from his match with snake5608, so the match went to him on points. But jesica still did leaps and bounds better than her last outing the week before, only getting knocked out of the ring once in the entire fight and coming back very strong in the third round in particular. I honestly think that if it had gone for one more round that she would have taken the whole thing.

Now for the aforementioned "close ones", when I stepped into the ring: The first was against DeadMan Ivory, another newcomer who had picked up on things a lot faster than I had expected. After a couple of unplanned tours into the cheap seats, my thoughts were mainly on the lines of: "I'm in trouble." And I was. Every time I'd knocked DeadMan back, he'd return the favor. Every knock out of the ring I'd deliver, he'd repay in kind. It was just a total hammer-and-tongs affair that I was certain I had lost. I even IMed jesica from the ring to give her my honest assessment: "I'm doomed."

So when the final decision was read, I nearly fell out of my chair: Abel Undercity, by a score of 29-30.


My next bout was a rematch with Dewran Wopat. If you've read my entry on last week's tournament, you'll know about the technical issues that plagued Dewran during our last fight. But he was doing well this time, having eliminated both Rickyy and snake5608 from the competition, in that order.

So, once again, it was down to us. And both of us wanted it done right, to finally see who was the better man in the ring.

This, of course, is when the lag hit us like a runaway truck. Frustrating though it was, it seemed to be inhibiting us equally, and we went at it mano a mano. This time, thank Whatever, nobody crashed.

By that point, though, crashing was the last thing on my mind. Dewran was also giving as good as he'd gotten, and it seemed that where I'd had a lucky escape with DeadMan, the more experienced Dewran wasn't about to let me get off again.

But then I wasn't there to pick daisies, either. Dewran and I rocked each other pretty well in another tit-for-tat contest.

We were a little better at staying clear of each other's punches though, and the affair came to an end with a 14-15 score, advantage me. Cue me falling off of my chair again.

So that puts my record at 5-0 so far, but something that will stay with me as I prepare for this week's festivities is the knowledge that I came very close to losing that perfect record on Friday, by the thinnest of razor edges. Hopefully it'll keep me from getting a big head about all of this, and help me knuckle down for the coming Friday.

Oh, we had another draw that night, too. In the middleweight division Derrick Cult and Len Greenwood fought to a standstill. Unfortunately since the winner of that match would have gone straight for the MW title, there was no title bout that evening, and a rematch has been scheduled for next time.

Two draws, narrow margins of victory, and a four-hour event all together. What a night.

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