Monday, September 17, 2007


My job schedule is such that I alternate weekly between three-day weekends and having Sundays off only. This weekend was one of the latter. So today, I'm feeling like I usually do after only one day off work: Cranky, slightly queasy (thanks to the necessity of drinking a full pot of coffee this morning over breakfast), and feeling like I didn't get enough sleep. Which I probably didn't.

The part of me that still believes in karma is suggesting that this is really some sort of balancing for having a really good day of sparring at Averlast. This may or may not be the case. But when one of your opponents (who shall remain nameless here, out of courtesy) starts accusing you of affecting his performance simply by being in the same room, some karmic backlash should perhaps be expected to be heading your way.

Well, anonymous friend, the Universe has avenged you. Right now I can barely muster the mental wherewithal to write three lousy paragraphs. Blarg.

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