Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cue the theremins

Don't get me wrong, I liked my old house:

But when you get right down to it, I'm just not a Hollywood bungalow type.  Plus, it was made more with the needs of couples in mind, rather than a solitary type like myself.  I had no real compelling need to even go upstairs.

So rather than rattle around in the same place, I began to explore other options.  And an idea really started to form once I stumbled across this blog entry by Ener Hax, talking about her wonderful retro flying saucer builds.  So, I thought, why not a small saucer fleet to call home?

In order to make it work I'd need a teleport system to tie it all together, and fortunately this one by Mistress Lycia is easy to configure and use.  So, with all of the tools in place, it was time to roll up my virtual sleeves and set up the Martian beachhead.

After removing the house, step one was the placing of the first saucer.  It had to be easily accessible, because it would double as my photo studio, and I'm not the only one on the sim who uses it.

Unlinking and phantoming the "light beam" were necessary steps for access.  At the moment I have to jump into the saucer to get inside.  I'm investigating other solutions that don't require visitors to hop up and down like jack-in-the-boxes.

Each saucer came with a pilot's seat.  Regrettably, in the name of freeing up floor space...

... they had to go.  Sorry, Ener.

Then I threw out another saucer, this one being one of the flying models.  The idea for this one is for a "living space" to entertain friends or chill out.

In this ship the hatchway in the middle was unnecessary, so I closed it up.  The grey disc to the right is that saucer's teleport platform.  I would also go on to add another saucer, much higher up and out of view, for working on clothing to avoid awkward moments brought about by nosy camming. As it's strictly another utilitarian space, it looks like the photo above, with no embellishments.

But getting back to the lounge saucer, I thought a nice view would give more of a sense of space.  So I took every inward-facing surface and replaced its texture with a totally clear one.  From the outside it's still the same saucer, but now I have a great view.

A little rummaging in my inventory produces the furniture and decor.  Despite killing any chance of anyone ever hiring me as an interior decorator, I find it suits me.

One final touch and my new home is in place, freeing me to continue to wait for the Utopian Playland.

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iliveisl said...

ha ha, never an apology needed for modding builds or blowing them up! glad to see it used and i love seeing all your screenshots!