Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More random brain squeezings

Villainous Interruptus - Nothing undercuts the idea of basing your look on a classic supervillain quite like the fact that, outside of comic geek circles, nobody knows who he is. So far four different people have interpreted my new look as a homage to Hulk Hogan, while one thought that I was saying that I really, really like Gatorade. Ah, well... maybe next time I'll dig into Batman's rogues gallery. Riddler or Two-Face style trunks might be fun...

Busiest Labor Day Weekend Ever - Posters, trunks, other projects that I can't talk about right now, wheeling and dealing, and - miraculously - time to spar! After such a long layover from the ring, I'd put myself down as a competent lightweight. But since that's not the level I'm competing at anymore, more time is needed.

Blocking the UPS Guy's Shot - The UPS guy who runs in my neighborhood has a specific technique: He walks up to the bottom of my porch steps and basically throws the package at my door before running away. As someone who orders computer parts via Newegg, this is a troubling tendency for me. My wife no longer orders anything that might be deemed fragile via the computer, and our complaints to the company itself have fallen on deaf ears. But needs often being what they are, the UPS guy is sometimes a necessary evil. For instance, when I finally resolved to try to apply a hardware fix for my computer's connection problem, I ordered a new network interface card (NIC) from Newegg. I had just stepped out of my driveway when the UPS truck came around the corner, driven by - yes - our Donovan McNabb wannabe delivery guy. I immediately spun around and moved to meet him, confirming that, yes, this was my house, and taking the package off of him. With no small sense of relief I dropped it off inside before heading off to work again, having foiled one of the very least of Satan's cohorts.

To Absent Friends - who know who they are, but may not know that they are missed.

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