Friday, March 7, 2008

Murphy's Law

I've been plugging away at other projects this week, mainly things that, once perfected, will sell well in the Averlast store. This has left me little time to spar as the week went on. I had some good sessions early on, but there's enough of a gap between "early on" and "now" to make me a little nervous.

So, last night, I figured I had about a fifteen minute window to get some sparring in as a final warmup before tonight's event. Fortunately, Jihan was around, and without further ado we rezzed our gloves and jumped into the ring.


What happened during this sparring

a.) Jihan knocked me around the gym with
disturbing ease.

b.) I knocked Jihan around the gym with
disturbing ease.

c.) We were as equally matched as we were last
Friday, nobody doing anything with disturbing ease.

d.) Linden Labs picked that exact fifteen
minute timeframe
to take down the sim for a restart, and ended our sparring session just as we were getting warmed up.

If you picked d.), then you've won... nothing. But you have the satisfaction of knowing that you're right.

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